1064nm & 785nm Laser Dual Wavelength And Narrow Linewidth System




1064nm & 785nm Dual Wavelength And Narrow Linewidth System

The special dual wavelength narrow linewidth laser system of our company in the top view can provide two kinds of wavelength narrow linewidth fiber coupling output. The laser adopts the core technologies such as wavelength locking of body Bragg grating (VBG), directional optical feedback and built-in semiconductor refrigeration module to realize the narrow linewidth, stable power and stable spectral output of the system.


Both wavelengths can achieve line width <0.1nm
Frequency stability better than ±0.005nm@8H
Constant two-wavelength frequency interval, supporting differential calculation methods
Temperature drift <0.007nm / ℃, VBG wave lock
Built-in TEC, power stability is better than ± 1.5%
Including host computer control, emergency stop switch, short circuit protection and other functions

Confocal microscopy
Raman spectroscopy
Super-resolution microscopy
Biological detection