1PCS SLD3134VL 20mw 405nm 5.6mm TO-18 LD w PD Purple Blue Laser Diode


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Parameters:Model:SLD3134VL;Wavelength:405nm;Standard Power:CW 20mW;

Working Voltage:4.7V;Working Temperature +15 °~+35 °;Working Current:<32mA;Package:5.6mm (TO-18)

Life:more than 10,000 hours

Application:Laser beauty,Laser medical treatment,laser modules,stage Laser Lighting,laser pointer,laser flashlight,laser projector,laser positioning,laser sight,and a variety of laser devices and products.

Package: 1pcs SLD3134VL 20mw 405nm 5.6mm Purple Blue Laser Diode TO-18 LD w PD