3-5.5V Power Supply Driver for 1-250mw 405nm Violet/Blue Laser Diode Module


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Output Power     1-250mw
Wavelength     405nm
Input Voltage   3-5.5VDC
Output Current     30-300mA
Dimensions     9X20mm  


405nm Circuit control: 5.5V boost circuit, constant voltage output
Dimensions: 9 * 20mm (W * L)
Reverse polarity protection: unique reverse polarity protection design, you do not have to worry about the board burning  due to wrong battery direction
QSP protection: with soft start protection, even if you frequent switch on/off power supply, it will not damage to the laser diode
Pin Definition: Designed for 405nm LD drive board design, you simply weld pins arranged in LD pins accordingly .
Polarity Definition: Modular housing is the positive,  end welded board is negative.
Power supply: it is recommended to use 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (16340,18650,14500 and 18500 powered), or directly using 5.5V DC power


1 x 405nm 1-250mw constant current driver board for 405nm Laser diode