405nm Violet Purple Solid State Laser 1-400mW


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405nm Blue-Purple Laser 1-400mW

Stable and adjustable output power

Over-temperature and over-current protection

External modulation available

Suitable for scientific research, laser precision measuring, laser show applications, etc


Wavelength (nm) 405±5
Output Power (mW) 50,100,150,200,300,400
Beam Mode Quasi TE00
Spectral Linewidth (nm) <1.5
Polarization Line polarization
Polarization Ratio >50:1
Beam Quality (M2 factor) <20
Beam Divergence (full angle, mrad) Square, ~3.0×3.0
Beam Diameter at Aperture (mm) 2.0×3.0
Power Stability (RMS, over 8 hours) <5%
Aperture Position (mm) 27
Laser Head Dimensions (L×W×H, mm) 136 x 50 x 47
Net Weight (kg) 0.5
Integrated Driver Model VD-I Series / VD-II Series
External Modulation 5V TTL / 5V Analogue
Modulating Frequence 30KHz TTL / 10KHz Analogue
Cooling System TEC
Operation Temperature (℃) 18~30
Expected Lifetime (hours) >10000



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