808nm 100mW Infrared Diode Line Laser Module 12x40mm 3-5V


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808nm 100mW Infrared Diode Line Laser Module 12x40mm 3-5V
1.Size:12x40mm (sometime it is 12x35mm due to different factory bulk production batch) 
2. output power: 100mw 
3.Wavelength: 808nm 
4.Operation Voltage: DC=3-5VDC 
6.Duty cycle: 3 minutes on, 15 seconds off 
7.Lens: Plastic 
8.Laser shape: Line 120 degrees 
9. Focusable: Yes 
1.The modules are tested and the output power are measured by laser power meter before sending out. 
2.The LD in this laser module is 808nm 100mw LASER DIODE original and new. but laser module output power may be less than 10mw, because the output power of the laser module has power loss on the collimating lens, and when you measure the output power, please focus to the smallest point to meaure its real output. 
3.It is IR laser,the laser light cannot be seen by human bare eyes with only using DDC/infrared camera get it.Buyers who buy IR lasers please make sure you know it. since it is IR near red, there is a red bomb. and it is normal. red bomb means a weak red if the ir laser is near red–close to the <700nm wavelength. 
1x 808nm 100mW IR Infrared Diode Line 120 degrees Laser Module 12x40mm 3-5V