Murata device FTN18WF104F01RT



Resistance (25°C): 100kΩ
Resistance Value Tolerance (at 25°C): ±1%
B-Constant (25/50°C): 4250K
B-Constant (25/50°C) Tolerance: ±1%
B-Constant(25/80°C)(Reference Value): 4303K
B-Constant(25/85°C)(Reference Value): 4311K
B-Constant(25/100°C)(Reference Value): 4334K
Maximum Operating Current (25°C): 0.03mA
Rated Electric Power (25°C): 4.5mW
Typical Dissipation Constant (25°C): 0.9mW/°C
Thermal Time Constant: 2s
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C
Lead Shape: Insulation type
Shape: SMD
Mass: 0.0014g

Datasheet: FTN18WF104F01RT

More Information: Murata device FTN18WF104F01RT


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