AOM q-switch for 640nm resonator and also for 698nm and 721nm Laser.

Q-switch for a 640nm resonator.

Material: Crystal quarz (our experience is that TeO2 degrads)
Loss modulation: >40%
We have calculated that a 12mm crystal can reach the 40%.
AR-coating with <0,1% Wavelength: 640nm – 721nm Active aperture: 3*0,8mm*12mm Optical power density: >500mW/cm²
RF frequency 80MHz @50Ohms

The AOM must use quarz. Because TeO2 is not stable enough. With the right AR-coating , quartz is the perfect material for an AOM at these wavelength.
We need to calculate the minimum RF power needed to get 40% loss at 640nm, 698nm and 721nm.