500nm-560nm Green

Basically the green laser has a wavelength of 532nm. And some of the green laser is 520nm laser .

This category lists all kinds of DPSS green laser from 500nm – 560nm.

The TEM00 mode is the lowest-order transverse mode. It has the lowest threshold, smallest beam waist and divergence, and contains no nodes in the output beam transverse intensity distribution.

What is CW operation?
Continuous-wave operation, explained by RP; cw, lasers, lamps
Continuous-wave (cw) operation of a light sources means that it is continuously operated, i.e., not pulsed. The term is most frequently applied to lasers but also to gas discharge lamps, for example. For a laser, continuous-wave operation implies that it is continuously pumped and continuously emits light.

What is the divergence of light beam?

Light rays from a point source of light travel in all directions, moving away with time. Such a beam of light is called a divergent beam of light.

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