Lab Cuvette

The cuvettes in laboratory are small vials that may be made from glass, quartz or plastic and used for analysis with a spectrometer, fluorometer or spectrophotometer.

The high degree of clarity and square shape allow for light to pass through the sample and produce readings with the instrument.

There are 3 types of materials for the Lab Cuvette:quartz cuvette, glass cuvette, plastic cuvette.

1.quartz cuvette: The quartz cuvette is made by high quality quartz , also called quartz glasses. The quartz cuvette is most expensive, and it is mainly used in High-precision experiments.

2.Glass Cuvette: The Glass Cuvette is made by regular glass materials. It’s cheaper than quartz cuvette and more expensive than plastic cuvette.

3. Plastic Cuvette: The plastic cuvette is cheapest one. It’s Disposable and can be used for 1 time.

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