Acousto Optic Modulator

Acousto optic modulators for 1064nm 1550nm 2000nm. For 575nm 640nm 1156nm 1388nm and other wavelength .

If you don’t know how to choose these AOMs AOFS, contact us by email :

If you have some questios about these AOM or AOFS, please send us this information with your questions:
1) What’s the applications for the AOMs or AOFS? Why do you need them ;
2) Central Wavelength;
3) Central Frequency;
4) Insertiong Loss;
5) Fiber Type ;

For more information: If you need AOM, send us the Rise time. And for the AOFS, send us the Frequency.

Contact us by email :

For more information about the Acousto Optic Devices. Please visit Acousto optic modulator guideline here .

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