1064nm Acousto Optic Modulator AOM Fiber Coupled Frequency 40MHz-200MHz


1064nm Acousto Optic Modulator AOM Fiber Coupled with Customized Frequency 40MHz-200MHz. You can choose the central frequency according to your application requirements.


1064nm 40MHz – 200MHz Fiber Coupled Acousto-optic Modulator AOM . This IR AOM Acousto Optical Modulator has the fix wavelength of 1064nm, if you need other wavelength, just check our AOM categories.  You can customize the central frequency according to your requirements, you can get a 40MHz, 80MHz , … , Max 200MHz Acousto-optic Modulator.   If you need low frequency AOMs, check Low Frequency Acousto Optic Modulator 5MHz 10MHz

Key performance

Low insertion loss


Stable performance

parameter Unit Min Max Typical
material TeO2
wavelength nm 1030  1090 1060nm 1064nm
Average optical power W 0.5
Peak (pulse) optical power kW 0.5
Ultrasonic sound velocity m/s 4200
Insertion loss dB  2 4 3
Extinction Ratio dB 45
Return loss dB  40
Rising time ns  8  11 10
frequency MHz 40- 200MHz
Frequency shift MHz +/-200
RF power W  2.5
Voltage standing wave ratio 1.5:1
input resistance Ω  50
Device interface  SMA
Fiber type  Polarization PM980
Fiber length m 1
Fiber optic interface FC/APC
Operating temperature -20~+60
storage temperature -30~+70



Additional information


40MHz, 80MHz, 100MHz, 120 MHz, 200MHz