150mW 638nm Laser Diodes for DIY laser light


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  • Item Type: Stage Lighting Effect
  • Model Number: 150mW
  • Occasion: Professional Stage & DJ
  • Style: DMX Stage Light
  • Power: 10W
  • Brand Name: DYUE
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Item Name: DPSS Laser Diodes
  • Wavelenth: 638nm
  • Output Power: 150mW
  • Beam Mode: round spot
  • Beam Divergence : less than 1mrad
  • Lifetime: 10 000 hours
  • Color: 638
  • Feature 1: Good stability laser diodes
  • Feature 2: Low temperature instant start
  • Feature 3: High Brightness laser diodes


20pcs lot  Good Stability! 150mW 638nm Laser Diodes High Quality Laser Diodes for laser light

Item Name: 150mW 638nm Laser Module


Outpower: 150mW

Beam Mode:round spot

Beam Divergence:≤1.5mrad

Laser  Class:Class 3

Woking Temperature: -10~50℃

Lifetime: 10,000 hours


1. Good stability,Fine and clear light spot, small divergence angle, good collimation, small size
2. temperature control, drive and laser fully integrated, compact structure, external only DC power supply
3. after high and low temperature storage and vibration shock test, with a reliable stability, the temperature in the range of -10 ~ 50 degrees, can work for 24 hours in a row.
4. Precise scientific heat dissipation design, two-way temperature control and perfect temperature protection function can extend the life of the laser as much as possible



Laser modules are widely used in various fields, such as stage lighting, industrial production, information and communications, medical and cosmetic, decorative lighting, and military. Among them, laser projection, 3D laser printing, laser measuring instrument, laser scale, laser beauty and other products are increasingly welcomed by the market.