313nm 80MHz acousto-optic modulator




313nm 80MHz acousto-optic modulator

Allow you to change the frequency you set.
Laser beam can switch quickly between power adjustment.

Laser beam | Frequency modulation to be performed | shift and switch
ON/OFF has the following attributes:
Waist 1 / E: 1-2 mm
Wavelength: 313nm
Maximum power: 300MW

The specifications and details of this product are as follows:
Wavelength: 313nm
Bandwidth: 80MHz
Aperture: 2mm diameter
Ultrasonic sound velocity: 4200 m/s
Insertion loss: 3.5dB
Extinction Ratio: 50dB
Return loss: 40 dB
Rising edge time: 30ns
frequency: 80MHz
Frequency shift: +/-80MHz
RF power: 2.5W
Voltage standing wave ratio: 1.2:1
input resistance: 50Ω
Device interface: SMA
Fiber type: PM/SM
Fiber length: 1m
Fiber interface : F/APC
Operating temperature: -20~+60 ℃
Storage temperature: -30~+70℃