15W Laser Module 450nm Blu-ray Laser Head 3D Printer Engraving Machine Woodworking Machinery Parts DIY Tools with TTL Power


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15W Laser module introduction

This is a 15W Laser module that could give out 450nm blue laser light.
Large heat sinks and cooling fan ensure better heat dissipation during work.
Support continuous light output working mode and can work for long time.
This module comes with power adapter for convenient use.
Suitable for industrial laser engraving machine equipment, great for DIY laser engravers.
Laser Wavelength: 450nm (Blu-ray)
Output Power: 15W/3500MW/7W/20W
Working Voltage: 12V DC
Working Current: 5A
Focal length: 16mm
Focal length: can be adjusted
Heat dissipation: Fan
Driving Mode: External ACC constant current drive
AC Adaptor Plug: US Plug,EU Plug
AC Adaptor Input Voltage: 100-240V
Lens Material: Optical glass with coating
Light Form: Dot, adjustable-focus
Modulation: TTL
PWM Control: Support
Packing list
  • 1 *laser head
  • 1 * power supply
  • 1 * power cable






3500mw/7W/20W Laser module introduction

Main applications: metal engraving, deep engraving, simple cutting, etc.
Items can be carved including: alumina oxide,Lacquer metal ,mahogany, bamboo, paper cards, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCBA, etc. 
Material: Acrylic + PP + Aluminum
Laser Power: 7W/20W ( Laser input:12v0.75A )
Image Format:.nc .dxf .bmp .jpg .png etc..
Image Size:2000 * 2000 pixels / 0.075mm point distance
Support System: Win7 / Win8 / XP / Win10 , android APP(neje scanner)
Machine Supply Voltage: 12V2A
NEJE Controller for Mac:
System Require: OS X 10.10 or higher, 64-bit
Wavelength: 450nm
Radiator size: 30*60mm
Material: copper + aluminum
Weight: 116g
Interface specification: 4pin PH2.0 (red: 12V, black: GND, yellow: PWM, green: temperature signal)
Drive position: built-in
Is the power adjustable: PWM can be adjusted
Drive protection: surge protection, overvoltage protection
Input power: approx. 12V750ma does not include fan power
Line length: 300mm
Control line installation method: pluggable
Fan size: 30*10mm
Fan speed: 10,000 rpm
Controllable temperature: less than 60 degrees Celsius
Focus range: 5-50mm
Best focal length: 10mm from the light exit
Safety Warning: Please apply this module under the premise of safety protection!
packing list:
1 x module
2 x screw
2 x gasket
1 x control line


When you connect laser to your controller board, please pay attention to the pin positions of 12v+ GND- and PWM/TTL,  red wire=12V+, black wire=GND-. Yello wire=PWM+, white wire=PWM-(3-4pin wire). So Red Wire must be connected to the 12v+ pin on your controller board’s interface, Black Wire Must be connected to the GND- pin and Yellow Wire must be connected to the PWM/TTL pin,  if you use 3-4pin wire, White wire should be connected to the PWM- pin.
if your controller board’s laser interface pins are in different position, please change the wires position to make it match the positions of + – PWM of your interface. If the wires connected wrong, it will damage the diode and the driver board.
Please add a fan when you engraving or cutting, in case smoke blur the lens damage the lens