530nm 1W high quality green laser module FAC high power head


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530nm 1W high quality green laser module (FAC) high power laser head

  • Model Number: 530nm 1W
  • Wavelength: 530nm
  • Power: 1W
  • Input: 12V 1.5A
  • Input port: XH2.54-3P socket
  • Adjustable power: Support 5V PWM modulation
  • Control line installation method: Pluggable
  • Main applications: Sensors, stage lights, etc.

What is an FAC laser?

OPTICAL. LENS. OVERVIEW. The J10919 series FAC lens is an optical lens that collimates light spreading from a semiconductor laser (LD) in the fast-axis direction. LD have a large divergence angle in the fast-axis direction, so the output light cannot be efficiently used unless collimated.