532nm DPSS Green Laser System for Raman spectroscopy



532nm DPSS Green Laser System for Raman spectroscopy. The output power is the max output power. You can adjust the output power from 1mW to 2000mW, if you choose the 2000mW version. 

Raman spectroscopy in VIS NIR of a rotating sample excited by a CW laser with AOM modulator

Miniature size
Collimated straight beam
Adjustable focus
Easy use & maintenance free
Long life operation
High efficiency
High reliability

Laser show
Laser Alignment
Scanning Biochemistry
Material Inspection LIDAR




Model No. LSR532NL
Wavelength 532nm
Spatial Mode NEAR TEM00
Output Power 800mW, 900mW, 1000mW, 2000mW
Residual IR (946, 1064& 808nm) <0.01%
Operation Mode CW or Modulation
Modulation 0~30khz Analog or TTL
Beam Spot Shape Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1
Pointing Stability <0.05 mrad
Beam Diameter(1/e2) <2.5 mm
Beam Divergence(full angle) <1.5 mrad
Power Stability <±5% per 4 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing TEC
Warm Up Time <1 minute
MTTF 10,000 hrs
Laser head dimensions:100(L)x40(W)x50(H)mm3 (fan adds height)
Modulation 0~30khz Analog or TTL

532nm 100mW – 700mW DPSS Green Laser System datasheet

Please kindly check the datasheet:

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Output Power

100mW, 200mW, 300mW, 500mW, 600mW, 700mW