650nm 5mw Laser Diode Module Locator DC 2.8-5.2V Red Laser Line Positioning For Woodworking Embroidery Cutting Machine


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Product parameters

650nm 5mw externally modulated red spot laser (Bundle 1 and Bundle 4)
Dotted points:
Can play 0-150 meters indoors during the day
You can hit 0-50 meters in the semi-outdoor during the day
Can hit 0-300 meters in dark environments
————————————————– ———————
650nm 5mw external modulation red light word line laser (Bundle 2, Bundle 5)
Type a word line:
Indoor working environment can reach 2.5 meters
————————————————– ———————
650nm 5mw externally modulated red crosshair laser (Bundle 3, Bundle 6)
Crossed lines:
Indoor working environment can reach 1.5 meters
(The horizontal and vertical lines of the cross are 1.5 meters long)
————————————————– ———————-
Dimensions: 10 * 35mm
Wavelength: 650nm red light
Power: 0.4-5mW
Working voltage: DC 2.8-5.2 (V)
Working current: ≤35mA
The red line is thin and uniform, with very high collimation and stability
Slot / Crosshair installation height can be used from 0 meters to 1.5 meters
◆ Red dot size / red line width can be adjusted from 0.4mm to several cm
◆ Straight / cross lens angle is selectable from 5 degrees to 120 degrees
◆ The laser with a wavelength of 650nm is pure red. The light is clear and bright, and it is soft and non-glare.
◆ Intelligent driver board with imported IC can supply power in a wide range of 2.8-5.2V (other voltages can be customized)
◆ Filled with heat-dissipating silica gel and AB glue, which can fully dissipate heat and prevent shock and drop
◆ The outer shell is aerospace aluminum-plated insulation paint, which can fully dissipate heat, and is shockproof, anti-drop and antistatic.
◆ High temperature resistant and anticorrosive DC plug cable suitable for all weather and all environment use
◆ Wavelength / power / wire length / working distance / spot effect can be customized according to customer requirements. You want everything here!