650nm Laser Physiotherapy Watch Diode LLLT for Rhinitis Diabetes Hypertension Treatment Diabetic Watch Laser Light Therapy


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What is a laser treatment instrument?

The laser treatment instrument is an auxiliary treatment device for irradiating a patient’s radial artery with a low-intensity laser to reduce blood spinal viscosity, blood triglyceride and blood cholesterol.



1. Reduce blood-spin viscosity
2. Reduce blood triglycerides
3. Lower blood cholesterol
4. Treatment of rhinitis
Safety precautions and contraindications
(1) Warning
1Handle with ease
2 Do not place in a humid environment, water or high temperature.
3 It is forbidden to direct the laser to the eyes, the laser must be placed on the treatment site before starting the laser, and it can be removed from the wrist only after shutting down.
4 It is strictly forbidden to disassemble, repair, or modify the therapeutic device without permission.
5 Be sure to keep this product out of the reach of children to avoid injury.
6 People with mental disorders should be accompanied by this product; patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should refer to doctors’ orders
7 Water should be added in time after each irradiation treatment.
(2) Contraindications
Those who are allergic to light, bradycardia, acute inflammation with sepsis, patients with bleeding disorders, patients with lupus erythematosus, breastfeeding women and those with severe impairment of liver and kidney function are prohibited.
Other cautions: Patients with acute illness, people with impaired skin or skin abnormalities, patients with high fever, pregnant women, and children should consult a doctor before use.
1. Product schematic and key functions
(1) Time adjustment key: press this key to select the irradiation time of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes and 60 minutes, and the irradiation will stop automatically when the time reaches.
(2) Mode switch key: You can choose to irradiate the wrist and nasal cavity at the same time, or you can choose the wrist or nasal cavity to irradiate separately.
(4) Switch (pause) key: long press this key to turn on, then short press once to start irradiation; short press this key during irradiation to pause, long press this key again to turn off.
(6) Power adjustment key: Press this key to select three levels of power irradiation: strong, medium, and weak. Generally, it is recommended to choose strong, and elderly and frail patients can choose mid and weak.
Nasal probe jack: The nasal probe is inserted into the jack for nasal irradiation.

2. Operation process
(1) Wear the laser therapy instrument in the correct way (wear with your left hand, and the quadruple row of laser windows on the back are aligned with the radial artery, and connect the nasal probe line with the laser therapy instrument.
(2) Press the [Switch] key to turn on, the LCD screen displays the power, the time of the irradiation, the mode, and the power.
Tongli acupoint
(3) Press the [Time] key to adjust the irradiation time. 
It is recommended to irradiate for 30 minutes each time, and those with poor constitution can choose to irradiate for 15 minutes.
Treatment course: once a day, 7-10 days is a course of treatment, and the treatment interval is 5-7 days.
(4) Press the [MODE] key to adjust the treatment mode. When the machine is turned on, the silent mode of the therapy device is wrist treatment, and then pressing the mode button in turn can be adjusted to nasal irradiation or simultaneous wrist and nasal irradiation.
(5) After confirming the treatment mode, press the [Power] key shortly to adjust the power of the treatment mode. It is recommended to choose a strong power range every time, and those with poor constitution can choose a mid-range power or a weak range.
(6) Press the [Switch] key again, the therapy device starts to illuminate, and the blue icon at the bottom left of the display screen continues to flash. If you need to suspend treatment during the process, press the [Switch] key briefly; press the [Switch] key again to resume the treatment.
(7) After the irradiation time is reached, when the laser automatically stops output, the irradiation is over. Press and hold the [Switch] key to shut down. Put the product in the box and store it in a dry and safe place for the next physical therapy.
Battery use and maintenance:
(1) The battery level icon shows that the battery is charged in time. A long unused battery should charge for six hours. If it is not used for a long time, it should be recharged every three months.
(2) Do not use the therapy device while the battery is charging.
(3) Charging completed status: The charging is completed, and the battery level icon in the upper left corner of the therapy device is full.
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