650nm Red Dot Point Laser Diode Module 5mW Focus Adjustable Laser Metal Glass Lens Head Industrial Diameter 12MM 5V DIY


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5mW 650nm Red dot Laser Module Focus Adjustable Laser Head 5V Industrial Grade


Laser launch principle and the specificity of the production process determines the laser with ordinary light does not have the characteristics of the three good (monochromatic good, good coherence, good direction) a high (high brightness).
The use of laser orientation of the good brightness, high grams widely used in various occasions, change the series of laser tube convenient and intuitive, easy to install, stable and reliable.
Product Information:
Red dot point laser tube, laser module
Wavelength: 650nm
Diameter: 12MM
Weight: 13.5g
Long: 35MM
Max Power: 5MW
Voltage: DC3V-6V
Max Current: 40MA
Drive circuit: APC
Product Usage:
1.It could be used for sight positioning
2.It could be used for laser testing tools
3.It could be used for concentricity positioning
4.It could be used to make signal equipment