7mm Diameter Laser Diode Laser Tube Focusing Mirror Straight Lens Lens


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[Specification]]Laser Collimator Focusing Lens Optical LensAfter Focusing, the Light Spot Is Clear and the Transmittance Is High

Wavelength (Wave Length):

The Numerical Aperture (Number Relative Aperture: 4.95mm

Lens Diameter (Lens Diameter: Diameter 7.0mm

The Thickness of the Lens (the Lens Thickness): 3.3mm

Effective Focal Length (EFL): 8.0mm

Laser Power Lose: 1-8%

Angle of Divergence (Divergence Angle):

Film (Coating):

Can Be Used for-10 Degrees-+50 Degrees Temperature Operation

Lens Material: Imported Acrylic

Matters Needing Attention:

Do Not Touch the Surface Directly with Your Hands. Do Not Let the Surface of the Lens Touch Hard Objects Directly to Avoid Scratching the Surface. Generally, Plastic Tweezers Are Used during Use.

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