830nm 250mW Red Spot Laser Module Laser Diode High Quality Adjustable Focus


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830nm 250mW Red Spot Laser Module Laser Diode High Quality Adjustable Focus

Product information:

Wavelength: 830nm

Output power: 250mW

Supply voltage: 5V

Operating current: 220mA

Spot mode: Spot

Product material: aviation aluminum

Lens material:imported K9 lens

Working temperature: +-50°C

Dimensions: 16*68mm (focusable)

Output band: Invisible light

Weight: 0.34kg

DC Line length:1.2m



1. dedicated power supply:

Supporting special power supply, with strong anti-interference, high stability, suppression of inrush current and slow start, etc., especially suitable for harsh working environment, can effectively ensure product stability and service life.

2. Industrial bracket:

Supporting special brackets, with good thermal conductivity and flexibility, so that the laser sniffer can be installed in any vertical or horizontal plane, and make it adjustable 360 degrees in any angle of three-dimensional space, has achieved the best results.

3. Laser:

Adopt original imported diode, small volume, clear light, large angle of light, high straightness. Can fix the focus while also adjusting the thickness of the light, the customer can adjust the focus according to various requirements


Products include:

1*830nm 250mW laser

1*5V power adapter