Adjustable Two-axis Amount Clamp Holder for Laser Diode Module/Torch


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Product name: Two-axis infrared bracket, optical bracket

Size: height 97mm

Moving mechanism: manual screw type

Moving direction: Universal

Load resistance: 5kg

Main material: surface treatment aluminum alloy +304 stainless steel

Multiple specifications are available


1. 360 degree rotation at any angle, small size, can be installed on any vertical or horizontal plane

2. The pressing plate is made of 304 stainless steel, with clear edges and corners and fine workmanship

3. Three-point positioning design: three-point contact surface design, flatter and more stable to use, adding M4 inner hexagon, can strengthen the fixing strength of the thumb screw and the shockproof effect


1 x Two-axis Adjustable Laser Module/Torch Holder