Analog Devices AD608ARZ, Receiver IF Subsystem 30MHz Gain=28 dB 16-Pin SOIC




The AD608 provides a low power, low distortion, low noise mixer as well as a complete, monolithic logarithmic/limiting amplifier that uses a successive-detection technique. In addition, the AD608 provides both a high speed received signal strength indicator (RSSI) output with 80 dB dynamic range and a hard-limited output. The RSSI output is from a two-pole postdemodulation low-pass filter and provides a loadable output voltage of 0.2 V to 1.8 V. The AD608 operates from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply at a typical power level of 21 mW at 3 V. The RF and local oscillator (LO) bandwidths both exceed 500 MHz. In a typical IF application, the AD608 can accept the output of a 240 MHz surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter and down-convert it to a nominal 10.7 MHz IF with a conversion gain of 24 dB (ZIF = 165 Ω). The AD608 logarithmic/limiting amplifier section handles any IF from low frequency (LF) up to 30 MHz. The mixer is a doubly balanced gilbert-cell mixer and operates linearly for RF inputs spanning -95 dBm to -15 dBm. It has a nominal -5 dBm third-order intercept. An on-board LO preamplifier requires only -16 dBm of LO drive. The current output of the mixer drives a reverse-terminated, industry-standard 10.7 MHz, 330 O filter. The nominal logarithmic scaling is such that the output is +0.2 V for a sinusoidal input to the IF amplifier of -75 dBm and +1.8 V at an input of +5 dBm; over this range, the logarithmic conformance is typically ±1 dB. The logarithmic slope is proportional to the supply voltage. A feedback loop automatically nulls the input offset of the first stage down to the submicrovolt level. The AD608 limiter output provides a hard-limited signal output at 400 mV p-p. The voltage gain of the limiting amplifier to this output is more than 100 dB. Transition times are 11 ns and the phase is stable to within ±3° at 10.7 MHz for signals from -75 dBm to +5 dBm. The AD608 is enabled by a CMOS logic-level voltage input, with a response time of 200 ns. When disabled, the standby power is reduced to 300 µW within 400 ns. The AD608 is specified for the industrial temperature range of -25°C to +85°C for 2.7 V to 5.5 V supplies and -40°C to +85°C for 3.0 V to 5.5 V supplies. This device comes in a 16-lead plastic SOIC.


−15 dBm, 1 dB compression point
−5 dBm IP3
24 dB conversion gain
>500 MHz input bandwidth
Logarithmic/limiting amplifier
80 dB RSSI range
±3° phase stability over 80 dB range
Low power
21 mW at 3 V power consumption
CMOS-compatible power-down to 300 μW typical
200 ns enable/disable time
PHS, GSM, TDMA, FM, or PM receivers
Battery-powered instrumentation
Base station RSSI measurements

Case/Package SOIC
Contact Plating Tin
Mount Surface Mount
Number of Pins 16
Bandwidth 500 MHz
Frequency 500 MHz
Gain 24 dB
Max Frequency 500 MHz
Max Operating Temperature 85 °C
Max Power Dissipation 600 mW
Max Supply Voltage 5.5 V
Min Operating Temperature -25 °C
Min Supply Voltage 2.7 V
Noise Figure 16 dB
Nominal Supply Current 7.3 mA
Operating Supply Current 7.3 mA
Operating Supply Voltage 3 V
Packaging Bulk
Power Dissipation 600 mW
Power Gain 28 dB
Height 1.5 mm
Length 10 mm
Width 4 mm
Lead Free Contains Lead
Radiation Hardening No
RoHS Compliant
In a Tube of 48, Analog Devices AD608ARZ, Receiver IF Subsystem 30MHz Gain=28 dB 16-Pin SOIC
RS Components
Up/Down Conv Mixer 500MHz 16-Pin SOIC N Tube
Amplifier; Mixer/Limiter IF 3V, 16-Pin SOIC
Up/Down Conv Mixer 3V 500MHz 16-Pin SOIC N
Avnet Europe
Mixer/Limiter; Supply Voltage Min:2.7V; Supply Voltage Max:5.5V; Termination Type:SMD; Package/Case:16-SOIC; No. of Pins:16; Operating Temperature Range:-25°C to +85°C; Supply Current:7.3mA; Frequency:500MHz ;RoHS Compliant: Yes
Prices include import duty and tax. MIXER, 3V RECEIVER IF, SOIC16, 608; Frequency Min:-; Frequency Max:500MHz; Supply Voltage Min:2.7V; Supply Voltage Max:5.5V; RF IC Case Style:SOIC; No. of Pins:16Pins; Operating Temperature Min:-25°C; Operating Temperature Max:85°C; Product Range:-; RoHS Phthalates Compliant:Yes; MSL:MSL 1 – Unlimited; SVHC:No SVHC (07-Jul-2017); Base Number:608; Communication Type:Receiver IF Subsystem; Operating Temperature Range:-25°C to +85°C; RF Type:FM, GSM, PHS, TDMA; Supply Voltage DC Min:2.7V; Supply Voltage Range:2.7V to 5.5V; Termination Type:Surface Mount Device
element14 APAC
MIXER, 3V RECEIVER IF, SOIC16, 608; Min. częstotliwość:-; Maks. częstotliwość:500MHz; Napięcie zasilania, min.:2.7V; Napięcie zasilania, maks.:5.5V; Typ obudowy układu scalonego RF:SOIC; Liczba pinów:16piny/-ów; Temperatura robocza, min.:-25°C; Temperatura robocza, maks.:85°C; Asortyment produktów:-; Wskaźnik wrażliwości na wilgoć MSL:MSL 1 – nieograniczone; Substancje SVHC:No SVHC (07-Jul-2017); Napięcie zasilania DC, min.:2.7V; Numer podstawy:608; Typ RF:FM, GSM, PHS, TDMA; Typ komunikacji:Receiver IF Subsystem; Typ zakończenia:Do montażu powierzchniowego; Zakres napięcia zasilania:2.7V do 5.5V; Zakres temperatury roboczej:-25°C do +85°C