Blue Laser DPSS 445nm Output power Q-switch for harmonic generation for material processing




Blue Laser DPSS 445nm with Output Power 500mW-1000mW

Wavelength (nm): 445nm ± 5nm;
Export Power (mW): 500mw -1000mW (Optional)
Power Stability: 5% (customized according to your requirements)
Operating system: CW
Beam diameter (mm): 2×4
Divergence Angle (mrad): +
Lateral mode: TEM00
Operating temperature (°c): 10 °c ~ 35 °c
Storage temperature (°c): 0 °c to 50 °c
Input voltage (VAC) : 265W
Adjustment TTL level: 0-30k
Laser: 100 (L) x40 (W) x50 (H) mm
Power: 100 (L) x58 (W) x32 (H) mm
Power Model: OEM
Cooling type: TEC
Warranty period (year): 1 year


Fluorescence analysis, laser microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, interference measurement, hologram, flow cytometry, DNA sequencer is ideal for applications that require narrow line width.

Q-switch the laser for harmonic generation for material processing.

Laser Materials Processing from sciencedirect
Laser material processing distinguishes itself from conventional ways of material processing in terms of quality, efficiency, and accuracy