850nm10mW Red Laser Output Power



850nm 10mW Red Laser Output Power

red laser, single mode
Easy use & maintenance free
Long life operation
High efficiency
High reliability

 Model No. LSR850H1
  Wavelength 850±5nm
  Spectral Linewidth (nm) <3nm
  Output Power (mW) >10mW
  Working Mode CW
  Fiber core diameter (um) 4~6um
 Numerical aperture 0.12
  Length of Fiber(cm) 100
  fiber connector FC/PC
  Power Stability (RMS, over 4 hours) <3%
 Laser Head 102 x 35 x 35mm ,0.3kg
140 x 49 x 42mm,0.5kg
Power Driver 150 x 110 x 56mm,0.6kg
 Cooling System TEC
 Power Supply 90~240VAC@50Hz
 Modulating Repetition 50KHz TTL / 10KHz Analogue
 Operation Temperature (℃) 0~40
 Expected Lifetime (hours) >10000
 Warranty Time One year

Please kindly check the datasheet.

850nm 10mW Red Laser Output Power