CS497004 CQZ QFP32 component controller MCU integrated circuit processor chip BOM equipped



CS497004 CQZ QFP32 component controller MCU integrated circuit processor chip BOM equipped


High Definition Audio Decoder DSP Family with Dual 32-bit Engine Technology


 Multi-standard 32-bit high-definition audio decoding plus
 Supports high-definition audio formats including:
— Dolby Digital® Plus
— Dolby® TrueHD
— DTS-HD® High Resolution Audio
— DTS-HD Master Audio™
— DTS Express™ 5.1
 Supports legacy audio formats and a wide array of postprocessing
— Dolby Digital® EX, Dolby Pro Logic® II, IIx, IIz 7.1, Dolby Headphone® 2, Dolby Virtual Speaker® 2, Dolby Volume® (original), Dolby Volume 258 (lite), Audistry®
— DTS-ES 96/24™ Discrete 7.1, DTS-ES™ Discrete 7.1, DTS-ES™ Matrix 6.1, DTS Neo:6®, DTS Neural Surround™ DTS Surround Sensation Speaker
— MPEG-2 AAC™ LC 5.1
— SRS® Circle Surround® II, SRS Circle Surround Auto, SRS Circle Surround Decoder Optimized, SRS TruVolume™ 7.1 (V, SRS TruSurround HD/HD4®, SRS WOW HD™, SRS CS Headphone™, SRS Circle Cinema 3D™, SRS Studio Sound HD™
— THX® Ultra2™, THX Select2™
 Cirrus Logic’s Applications Library
— Cirrus Original Multi-Channel Surround 2 (COMS2), Cirrus Band XpandeR™, Cirrus Virtualization Technology (CVT), Cirrus Intelligent Room Calibration 2 (IRC2), Cirrus Bass Enhancement (CBE)
— Crossbar Mixer, Signal Generator
— Advanced Post-Processors including: 7.1 Bass Manager Quadruple Crossover, Tone Control, 11- Band Parametric EQ, Delay, 2:1/4:1 Decimator, 1:2/1:4 Upsampler Up to 12 Channels of 32-bit Serial Audio Input
 Customer Software Security Keys
 16 Ch x 32-bit PCM Out with Dual 192 kHz S/PDIF Tx
 Two SPI™/I2C™ ports
 Large On-chip X, Y, and Program RAM & ROM
 SDRAM and Serial Flash Memory Support

The CS4970x4 DSP family is an enhanced version of the CS4953xx DSP family with higher overall performance. In addition to all the mainstream audio processing codes in onchip ROM that the CS4953xx DSP offers, the CS4970x4 device family also supports the decoding of major high-definition audio formats. Additionally, the CS4970x4, a dual-core device, performs the high-definition audio decoding on the first core, leaving the second core available for audio post-processing and audio enhancement. The CS4970x4 device supports the most demanding audio post processing requirements. It provides an easy upgrade path to systems currently using the CS495xx or CS4953xx device with minor (or no) hardware and software changes.