Diode Drive/Driver 3.7V Current Adjustable for 445nm 447nm 450nm 1w 1.4w Laser


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Product features:

laser component
Recommended working voltage:3.7V lithium battery (16340,18650,14500 and 18500 powered), or directly using a 5.5V DC power supply
Circuit control: 5.5V boost circuit
Reverse Polarity Protection: None

Pictures of the front and back of the product´╝Ü


QSP protection: with soft start protection, even if you frequently switch on and off the power supply, it will not cause damage to the laser diodes.
Pin definition: the PCB board shows positive and negative wiring schematic


This is a power supply driver for 445-450nm 1W 1.4W laser diodes!
Widely use in industrial and LAB !
Care Instruction:
Keep it in dry environment away from water or moisture!


1pc x 445nm 447nm 450nm 1w 1.4w Laser Diode Driver/Power Supply Driver 3.7V 17mm