Fabry Perot Lasers: 3000 nm – 6000 nm




Fabry Perot Lasers: 3000 nm – 6000 nm

nanoplus offers FP interband cascade lasers at any wavelength between 3000 nm and 6000 nm.

Key features of nanoplus FP interband cascade lasers

  • spectral multimode
  • lateral single mode
  • continuous wave
  • room temperature
  • custom wavelengths

Why choose nanoplus FP interband cascade lasers

  • precise selection of target wavelength
  • typically > 5 mW output power
  • small size
  • easy usability
  • high efficiency
  • long-term stability

For more than 15 years nanoplus has been the technology leader for lasers in gas sensing. We produce lasers at large scale at our own fabrication sites in Gerbrunn and Meiningen. nanoplus cooperates with the leading system integrators in the TDLAS based analyzer industry. More than 20,000 installations worldwide prove the reliability of nanoplus lasers.

Quick description of nanoplus FP laser technology

nanoplus uses a unique and patented technology for FP laser diode manufacturing. We follow a ridge waveguide approach, which is independent of the material system.

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The following table summarizes the typical FP laser specifications in the 3000 nm to 6000 nm range:

parameters symbol unit minimum typical maximum
wavelength precision δ nm + / – 20
optical output power Pout mW 5
forward current If mA 100
threshold current lth mA 50
typical maximum operating voltage Vop V 4 – 6
slow axis (FWHM) degrees 20 30 40
fast axis (FWHM) degrees 40 50 60
storage temperature TS °C -40 +20 +80
operational temperature at case TC °C -20 +25 +50