Femtolaser Fiber Laser-25




laser based on all-fiber Femtolaser laser architecture, modular design, to meet the needs of industrial 7×24 hours production and cutting-edge scientific research and development of high-power ultra-fast fiber laser.  provides a total power of more than 25 W, a minimum pulse width of 400 fs, pulse energy of more than 40 uJ and a flexible repetition rate of 25 kHz-5 MHz. Its facula pattern is good, pulse energy stability is high, can be applied to materials micro-nano processing, glass welding, integrated photonics and many other fields.

Product application:

Glass welding.
Refractive index change of transparent material
Preparation of integrated photonics materials
Two photon micro nano processing
Fabrication of fiber Bragg grating
Cutting and drilling of thin film materials

Product characteristics:

Average power >25W
Pulse width ~400fs-~6ps adjustable
Peak power >100MW
25kHz-5000kHz adjustable
Pulse energy > 40 J
Burst pulse group energy >150 mu J
Burst number: 1-10
Products Femtolaser Fiber Laser-25
Center wavelength 1030nm
Total power >25W
Repetition frequency 25-5000kHz adjustable
Power stability <2%
Pulse energy >40uJ
Burst pulse group energy >150uJ
Peak power >100MW
Pulse width ~400fs (or 400fs-~6ps adjustable)
Switch light response <5μs
Spot diameter ~2mm
Spot divergence angle <2mrad
Polarization direction Linear polarization
Sync output SMA Trigger signal
Control RS-232 or DB25
Power Requirements DC24 / 40A, rated output power is not less than 960W
Mechanical size 648 x 448 x 212 mm