Green Laser Entrapment Laser Maze Game Challenge for Homemade


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Laser Maze Challenge Entrapment Scene Games Green Laser Entrapment Beam Game. Entrapment Laser Scene with 1 Lasers and a light sensor, please select it if you need 1 or several mirrors.


A typical laser maze is a rectangular room filled with a web of laser beams which players attempt to negotiate without “tripping” one of the beams. The idea behind the game comes from movies like the 1999 blockbuster film Entrapment, starring Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery, Mission Impossible, and Ocean’s 12.


1)  1PCS Green Laser Beam Module, with DC 5V long working laser system, Green Laser Entrapment.

2)  1PCS small mirrors, easy to install on to the wall.

3)  1PCS laser light sensor to detect if the laser beam is blocked.


How to use it:

1)  Fix the laser producer

2)  Turn on the laser, fix the mirrors through the laser beam. You can design the entrapment laser scene yourself by just moving the mirrors to control the laser beams.

3)  Fix the light sensor at the end.


The light sensor will detect the laser beam, if the beam is blocked , the light sensor alert.


Why BeamQ Laser Maze ?

1)  Low cost, you just need one lasers, unlike traditional laser maze, they use 20pcs lasers and sensors, even more.

2)  Easy to install.

3)  Easy to change the maze networks.

You can also get a blue laser here .