High Power 15w Laser Diode Module Lazer Head diy cutter engraver cnc machine for metal wood 450nm 15000mw 15 w TTL


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High Power 15w Laser Diode Module Lazer Head diy cutter engraver cnc machine for metal wood 450nm 15000mw 15 w TTL / Analog with DC 12V power supply and protective glasses.

the module is a high power laser module, and with a focusable lens, can adjust the focus, output both cross beam and collimated beam.
driver board supports TTL signal and Analog signal for easy control.
this powerful laser head suitable for laser cnc, laser machine, laser engraving, lazer cutting, diy laser, engraver, cutter, lasear machine parts etc.
Focal length: Can be adjust
Wavelength: 445nm–450nm
Output Power:
15W pulsed
Average 8W (Max)
Modulation: TTL / Analog
TTL Logic:
5V or Unconnected:    OFF;
0V:    ON;
TTL Frequency: 0-20Khz
0-5V level Corresponds to 0-100% (nonlinear)
Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Working Current: <4A
Focal length: 15mm~50mm;(can adjustable)
Operating temperature:  -10 degrees to 45 degrees
Spot diameter:  ≤Φ0.12mm, at 15mm~50mm 
Operation mode: pulsed laser 100 ns Duty 50%,
                              With TTL modulation/ Analog modulation
Material: hard aluminum + brass
Finish: Black anodized + sandblasting
Heat dissipation: Fan cooling
Can be carved materials: balsa wood, plywood, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics, etc.
the effect depend on the material color, reflectivity, transparency, density, thermal conductivity, etc.
different materials have different effects. and reflected light reflected from highly reflective materials may cause damage to the module.
for metal, only a very thin line can be produced, the darker the color, the better effect, enhancing the effect may require multiple operations.
1. Voltage Input: DC 12V.
2. Please make sure input voltage polarity is correct and does not exceed 12V, and TTL / Analog input signal is correct, otherwise it will burn laser module.
3. Prevent high voltage electrostatic damage.
4. It is recommended to install on a metal plate with good heat dissipation.
5. The light beam can not shoot to anyone or any flammable, otherwise It can result in injury or fire!!!
6. A high proportion reflected beam reflecting to the module itself may cause damage.
Package:  1 X 450nm 15W laser module with TTL / Analog driver board
​                  1 X Free Power supply
                  1 X Free Protective Glasses
                     Free one 4PIN to 3PIN Cable + one 2 PIN TTL Cable + one DC Voltage input Cable