High Power Diode Laser 15W/15000mW Focusable Blue Laser Module 450nm with TTL Driver for laser cutter Free shipping


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We have offer some other power: 0.5w/1.6w/2w/2.5/4w/6w/7w/8w/10w/12w, pls search in our store or contact us what you need. thanks!
Wavelength: 450NM
laser power: impulse=15W, average 6-7w output.
Power current: limit less 6A input(we send power supply is 5A 12v)
Voltage: AC110-240v convert to DC12v
TTL frequency=0v on 5v off
LD currect input 4-5A
NOTE: the 15w laser will with two lens, black focus lens+copper bigger power lens=2 lens, fix the bigger power lens it will output bigger power than black lens,will can cut more depth on wood. this laser machine better for engrave and cutting, we will not promise 15w can engrave on metal, so pls donot buy this machine for metal engrave. 
Available on wood, bamboo, plastic, foam sculpture, non-transparent, white, depending on the product. You can also cut the texture, can be cut the thin tin, wood, plastic and some other soft metarials etc.
tested cut on balsa wood for 4mm depth.
About our product:
Our products using imported laser diode as the core components, the latest communications technology and production equipment laser technology used in the production of industrial lasers to produce a high-performance lasers for industrial applications, has the advantage of other equivalent products are not comparable.
*Intelligent constant current feedback control circuit
*High efficiency and high transmittance of the optical system;
Warm notice
Low power consumption, good stability, can work continuously for a long time. (6W or more prolonged use, it is recommended to do additional driver board cooling)