product details

RMS to DC converter, analog devices

A series of real converters from RMS to DC from Analog Devices. These products offer integrated circuit solutions for the precise measurement of the true effective value of complex AC or DC signals. Many of the devices have an additional logarithmic dB output, which makes them ideal for audio applications.

Technical specifications
property value
Mounting Type Through Hole
Shell size SBDIP
Pin Count 14
Dimensions 19.43 x 7.87 x 3.56mm
length 19.43mm
width 7.87mm
height 3.56mm
Input voltage max. 18 (double) V, 36 (single) V
Operating temperature max. +70 ° C
Input voltage min. 3 (double) V, 5 (single) V
Operating temperature min. 0 ° C
Operating temperature range 0 → +70 ° C
Input voltage range 3 → 18 V (double), 5 → 36 V (single)