Industrial laboratory APC 3 v DC 532 nm 1mw green laser diode lazer diameter of 12 mm module


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APC Green Laser 1MW
Size: 12 mm diameter length of 49 (30+19) mm; {length: copper +PCB board}
The output wavelength: 532nm
Output power: 1mW
The circuit control: APC line
Working voltage: DC=3V (3V is the most suitable voltage, such as the selection of battery voltage can be 3-3.7V, such as the selection of transformer for power supply, please make sure that the voltage between 3-3.3V)
Working current: 250mA
Working temperature: +20 degrees to 30 C
Storage temperature: +10 degrees to 40 C
Spot forms: point
Beam: continuous linear form
Focus mode: fixed focus
Description: the factory default spot focusing in 15 meters, which is 15 meters to the point 15*15mm
Range: 1000 meters
Structure characteristics: laser tube + Crystal + glass lens group
Working time: at room temperature (25 DEG C) sustainable light for about 2 minutes, the body heat when close to re-use after cooling, so that is conducive to the life of the product.
Method of use: directly add 3V voltage can be connected with the anode work, red, black is connected with the negative pole, if long time lighting is required to do laser radiation.
Can be customized according to customer requirements: module with spring, wire, PCB can be directly welded copper element and the circuit board with a switch, or copper, and the circuit board connecting line, no requirement by copper and direct plate welding. (Note: Have required please leave us a message,no requirement our default board only welding wire)image
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1, the laser eyes do not light in front, do not look directly at the light hole.
2, pay attention to the use of the environment, do not have to use dust or mist serious situation, avoid the debris stuck on the export of glass surface, effects of beam quality.
3, after use should be placed in the children's reach, so as to avoid accidental injury.
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