laser diode laser head 5mW 650nm red dot/line /cross laser tube infrared laser sensor module adjustable focal length 3V/5V


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Product introduction
3V/5V Laser Head Laser Diode
1. Attention should be paid to the safety of laser batteries to prevent others from disassembling them.
Cause short-circuit combustion or battery explosion accident.
2. The principle of laser emission and the particularity of its production process determine that laser has the characteristics different from ordinary light: three good (good monochrome, good coherence, good direction) and one high (high brightness).
3. Mainly used for laser toys, all kinds of levelers, ground wires, etc. 1, electronic level ruler, let the motor drive the bald head to rotate or twist, projecting into a straight line on the wall, for decoration or posting New Year's pictures to do horizontal reference. (2) Micro LCD projection: Remove the concentrator and let the laser pass through the controllable LCD screen, which can produce a clear projection on the wall. (3) Long-range laser monitor: let the laser irradiate on the glass of the pleasant room, and then receive the laser beam reflected back from the glass, detect the vibration of the glass and restore the sound of the room. (4) Long-distance light-controlled anti-theft alarm: a protective zone is formed by installing laser emitter and photoresistor in one corner of a fish pond or watermelon field that needs protection and a mirror in the other three corners. (5) Long-distance laser wireless communication: using a pair of laser transceiver devices facing each other on two distant roofs, using the serial communication protocol of single-chip computer can send and receive files, or even networking. Making electronic whip pen: Teachers use laser projection points to ask students to observe and think when lecturing.
3V Laser Head Laser Diode
Transmitting power 150 MW
Standard size 6mm*10.5MM
Working life more than 1000 hours
Spot pattern spot, continuous output
Laser wavelength 650m (red)
Output power < 5mW
Power supply voltage 3vDc
Working current < 40 mA
Working temperature – 36℃ ~65℃
Storage temperature – 36℃~65℃
The spot size at 15 meters is 10 mm*15 mm.
The laser head consists of three parts: luminescent tube core, concentrating lens and copper adjustable sleeve. When it is sent to users, the three parts have been assembled, the focal length of lens has been adjusted, and the laser head has been glued with strong glue. When the user connects 3V DC, the wine can be used as T.14923-(1)
5V Laser Head Laser Diode
Emission power: 150 MW
Standard size: 6mm*10.5MM
Working life: more than 1000 hours
Spot Mode: Spot Spot, Continuous Output
Laser wavelength: 650m (red)
Output power: <5mW
Power supply voltage: 5vDc
Working Current: <40mA
Light spot size: 10 mm*15 mm light spot at 15m
The laser head consists of three parts: luminescent tube core, concentrating lens and copper adjustable sleeve. When it is sent to users, the three parts have been assembled, the focal length of lens has been adjusted, and the laser head has been glued with strong glue. The user can work with 5V DC power supply.09796-(1)
For red laser pen, laser flashlight, laser positioning, range finder, medical equipment electronic production
1. It can be used for sighting positioning.
2. It can be used as a laser testing tool.
3. It can be used for concentricity positioning.
4. It can be used for positioning medical equipment.
5. Can be used to make signal equipment
6. Love to make small and rigorous articles by yourself or select articles for experimental teaching
Product introduction
Output: 650nm size 12*35MM
Line length: 135mm
Voltage: 3-5V
Current: 40 mA peak
Driver circuit: APC
Industrial Positioning, Ranging Medical Equipment, Electronic Manufacturing, etc.未标题-1

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