LDDH-xxAyyV-MV Laser Power Board, Laser Diode Driver Board, LD Driver Board, 15A48


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High voltage and low current laser diode(OCLARO,NLIGHT,BWT..)Power supply!


 Product Features:

Suitable for driving high voltage and low current laser diode。Applicable to end pump side pump laser,Semiconductor、Welding、Optical fiber and other types of laser。Perfect for welding、Marking applications such。

Perfect voltage self-adaptive,From single tube to close to the supply voltage!!!

Semiconductor laser test,LEDThe light-emitting diode、Applicable to various diode tests, etc.。

The Hall sensor

High-speed,The load voltage self-adaptive!

Ultra-high efficiency!There is no need for customers to add any heat dissipation measures

Single board design,Small size,High Reliability!

With locus of control,That is, two analog inputs,Which way can be accessed by the potentiometer

Use high-speed analog switch for internal and external control switching,Can be directly used for modulation,An analog quantity is the working Current,One is set as threshold current


Technical parameters:


The highest adaptation voltage:48V。

Power supply voltage:48V (50V MAX)

Rated output current:15A, Designated by the user

The size of:130mm*85mm*35mm(Long*Width*High)

The current rise/The rate of decline:1ms


The recommended application:



Applicable Product example:



Interface Definition

    1,  PVDD  Power supply input port   /5.0mmTerminal blocks

    2,AN2/POT,Second channel analog input terminal,Can pick up the potentiometer,Or analog /2510-3PSocket near the bed

    3,CHSW Channel(Locus of control)Select/2510-2PSocket near the bed,Don’t pick up the default isCTLInterface of analog input (AI)

    4,CTL The control terminal/2510-6PSocket near the bed

    5,J1 Voltage protection wire jumper interface /2510-2PSocket near the bed

       12/15VPower supply,To disconnect,22-27VPower supply,To short-circuit

    6,LD The output port   /5.0mmTerminal blocks

        A: To loadLDThe positive electrode


        K: To loadLDThe negative electrode

    7,CVDD Control the power input port   /5.0mmTerminal blocks

          12V/15V/24VOptional,The default24V。