MT5C1008C 25L 883C 128kx8 SRAM With Dual Chip Enable





High Speed: and 70 ns Battery Backup: 2V data retention Low power standby High-performance, low-power CMOS process Single +5V (+10%) Power Supply Easy memory expansion with CE1\, CE2, and OE\ options. All inputs and outputs are TTL compatible


Timing 12ns access 15ns access 20ns access 25ns access 35ns access 45ns access 55ns access 70ns access Package(s) Ceramic DIP (400 mil) Ceramic DIP (600 mil) Ceramic LCC Ceramic LCC Ceramic Flatpack Ceramic SOJ Ceramic SOJ 2V data retention/low power

The MT5C1008 SRAM employs high-speed, low power CMOS designs using a four-transistor memory cell, and are fabricated using double-layer metal, double-layer polysilicon technology. For design flexibility in high-speed memory applications, this device offers dual chip enables (CE1\, CE2) and output enable (OE\). These control pins can place the outputs in High-Z for additional flexibility in system design. All devices operate from a single +5V power supply and all inputs and outputs are fully TTL compatible. Writing to these devices is accomplished when write enable (WE\) and CE1\ inputs are both LOW and CE2 is HIGH. Reading is accomplished when WE\ and CE2 remain HIGH and CE1\ and OE\ go LOW. The devices offer a reduced power standby mode when disabled, allowing system designs to achieve low standby power requirements. The “L” version offers a 2V data retention mode, reducing current consumption to 1mA maximum.