NCSU034B Nichia UV LED 385nm 540 mW



NCSU034B Nichia UV LED 385nm 540 mW

Size mm
Mounting Type
Emitting Color 385 nm
Chip Material
Luminous Intensity 540 mW
Viewing Angle 120
Lens Type-Color
Forward Voltage 3.7 V
Forward Current 500 mA
Maximum Forward Voltage 4.3 V
Maximum Forward Current 1000 mA
Min-Max Operating Temperature -10C to +85C
Factory Pack 500 PCS/Reel

This LED is designed to be reflow soldered on to a PCB. If dip soldered or hand soldered,
Nichia cannot guarantee its reliability.

  • Reflow soldering must not be performed more than twice.
  • Avoid rapid cooling. Ramp down the temperature gradually from the peak temperature.
  • Nitrogen reflow soldering is recommended. Air flow soldering conditions can cause optical degradation,
    caused by heat and/or atmosphere.
  • Repairing should not be done after the LEDs have been soldered.
    It should be confirmed beforehand whether the characteristics of the LEDs will or will not be damaged by repairing.
  • The Die Heat Sink should be soldered to customer PCB.
    If it is difficult or impossible, use high heat-dissipating adhesive.
  • When soldering, do not apply stress to the LED while the LED is hot.
  • When using a pick and place machine, choose an appropriate nozzle for this product.
  • The recommended soldering pad pattern is designed for attachment of the LED without problems.
    When precise mounting accuracy is required, such as high-density mounting, ensure that the size and shape of the pad
    are suitable for the circuit design.
  • When flux is used, it should be a halogen free flux. Ensure that the manufacturing process is not designed in a manner
    where the flux will come in contact with the LEDs.
  • Make sure that there are no issues with the type and amount of solder that is being used.