NXP Semicon MPXM2053GS




50 kPa On-Chip Temperature Compensated and Calibrated Silicon Pressure Sensors

The MPX2053 series devices are silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors that provide a highly accurate and linear voltage output directly proportional to the applied pressure. A single, monolithic silicon diaphragm with the strain gauge and an integrated thin-film resistor network. Precise span and offset calibration with temperature compensation are achieved by laser trimming.

• Temperature Compensated Over 0C to +85C
• Easy-to-Use Chip Carrier Package Options
• Ratiometric to Supply Voltage
• Gauge Ported and Non Ported Options
• Available in Easy-to-Use Tape & Reel
• Differential and Gauge Pressure Options

Application Examples
• Pump/Motor Control
• Robotics
• Level Detectors
• Medical Diagnostics
• Pressure Switching
• Blood Pressure Measurement

Voltage Output versus Applied Differential Pressure
The differential voltage output of the sensor is directly proportional to the differential pressure applied. The output voltage of the differential or gauge sensor increases with increasing pressure applied to the pressure side relative to the vacuum side. Similarly, output voltage increases as increasing vacuum is applied to the vacuum side relative to the pressure side.