Ordinary ASE light Source Mode




Ordinary ASE light source mode

Products features

High power output
Stable power
Small size


Fiber gyroscope
Distributing fiber sound and liberation sensing system
Fiber raster sensing system
Optics equipment test

Performance parameters

Operating wavelength(nm):1529nm;1564
Output power(dBm): 7;20
Output power stability(23℃,15mins)(dB): 0.02
Power adjustable range9dB): 0;+/-2.0
Supply voltage(V):4.75;5.25
Operation temperature(°C): -40;65
Storage temperature(°C): -40;70
Fiber type: SMF-28 single-mode , 900umfireproof cladding
Fiber length(mm) :900;1100
Fiber extending load (10 seconds)(N): 5
Plug type: 30-pin female connector with RS-232-serial interface (3.3V TTL)
Connector type: FC/APC
Demission(mm): 90×70×26