oxlasers 15W High Power Blue Laser Module Fixed Focus Laser Head for DIY CNC Engraver Cut Plywood


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Technical Parameters:
Laser wavelength: 445nm-450nm blue laser
Spot type: retangle spot (fixed focus, NOT FOCUSABLE)
Size: 40*95mm(including fan and driverboard)
Drive mode: external ACC constant current drive
Cooling method: forced air cooling
Operating voltage: 12V DC
Control interface: 2 * 2.54 ( TTL/PWM 0-5V control power)
Shell material: aluminum, surface anodized
Collimator lens: optical glass coating
THIS IS NOT A FOCUSABLE LASER, focus is fixed at the distance of 2CM from aperture this laser is for CNC laser engraving machine or laser cutter only, this laser can cut max 3-4mm plywood in speed of 150-200mm/MIN, and 1-2 passes!! 
2pin-2pin wires*2
DC-2Pin Connector*1
3pin-4pin cable*1
Focus Locating Column*1
 When you connect laser to your controller board, please pay attention to the pin positions of 12v+ GND- and
PWM/TTL,  red wire=12V+, black wire=GND-. Yello wire=PWM+, white wire=PWM-(3-4pin wire). So Red Wire must be connected to the 12v+ pin on your controller board’s interface, Black Wire Must be connected to the GND- pin and Yellow Wire must be connected to the PWM/TTL pin,   White wire should be connected to the PWM- pin.
if your controller board’s laser interface pins are in different position, please change the wires position to make it match the positions of + – PWM of your interface. If the wires connected wrong, it will damage the diode and the driver board.
Please add a fan when you engraving or cutting, in case smoke blur the lens damage the lens