Red Green Blue 1 Piece Glove 2/3/4/5 Laser Lights Stage LED Laser Gloves For DJ Club/Party Show/Performance High Quality Gloves


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Red Green Blue Laser Gloves Dancing Stage LED Gloves Laser Light For DJ Club/Party Show/Performance Cool High Quality Gloves


2/3/4/5 Laser lights–1 Piece Right Hand Glove

Voltage: 3.7V       Usage time: about 1-2 hours
With 600mAh built-in lithium battery, convenient to charge and use.

Suitable for dancing, stage show, DJ club, party, bar, etc.


1. After receiving the goods, some lasers may not light up, don’t worry, there may be no battery, please charge it in time.

2. Glove are issued by right hand by default,please contact us if you need left hand.

3. If you want to see many beams clearly, you need to use it in a smoky environment. Our photos are all taken in a smoky environment.