SLD3235VF 5.6mm 100mW 405nm Violet/Blue Laser Diode TO-18


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5.6mm 100mW 405nm Violet/Blue Laser Diode TO-18


Optical Output Power: CW100mW


Peak Wavelength: 405nm


Can Type: 5.6mm with Photo Diode


Absolute Maximum Ratings:


Optical Output Power: 140mw


LD Reverse Voltage: 5.5v


PD Reverse Voltage: 20V


Storage Temperatuer: -40~85degrees


Operating Case Temperature: -10~70degrees


For more technical information, please contact us for LD datasheet.

Safety of Laser Light:
Laser light can damage the human eyes and skin. Do not expose the eye or skin to any laser light directly and/or through optical lens. When handling the LDs, wear appropriate safety glasses to prevent laser light, even any reflections from entering to the eye. Focused laser beam through optical instruments will increase teh chance of eye hazard.


These LDs are classified in Class 4 of IEC60825-1 and 21 CFR Part 1040.10 Safety Standards. It is absolutely necessary to take overall safety measures against User's modules, equipment and systems into which Nichia LDs are incorporated and/or integrated.



1X 5.6mm 120mW 405nm Violet/Blue Laser Diode TO-18