Will Fan MYJG150W 150W Co2 Laser Power Supply For Laser Cutter Engraving Machine150W Laser Power Box


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     1.Good compatibility, it suitable for variety of  brands of CO2 laser tube

     2.Fast response speed with engrave and cut ,  very good effect

     3.Obviously prolong the life of the laser  power supply

     4.Control is simple ,it can be choose high or low level control. Using TTL level can

        control laser start and stop. At the same  time with a protection switch check 

        whether external drainage systems  ,ventilation ,etc.

     5.Laser power control is simple , it can use 0- 5V analog signals control the laser power, 

       and also can use the PWM signal control the laser power

     6.Power supply itself has open circuit protection function . at the condition of the 

       grounding protection is good . the power can short time to work on open circuit , it 

       can avoid the laser power supply damage caused by the laser tube burst, so as it 

       improve the power life

     7.The power itself can have feedback interface, can be used for closed loop 

        control, also used for testing laser power working current of laser

     8.Application field : engraving and cutting the acrylic , cloth, ABS, rubber ,leather ,

       wood and other no-metallic materials








         Each laser Laser Power supply has been rigorously tested and is in excellent working condition

         followed by foam and carton case packaging ,all laser Power are very safe

         But maybe they are broken by couriers 

         When you receive the laser power  ,if it is found to be damaged or the installation the

         machine  not works please don,t immediately submit a dispute or bad review

         Contact us immediately and we will sent you a new laser Power


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