1000nm Laser

When we label a laser to 1000nm laser, in the year of 2022 there are other wavelength lasers, such as 980nm laser, 1064nm laser, there is no exactly 1000nm laser in the world.

1000nm-1100nm Laser Diodes

Other 1000nm laser diodes:

870–1000 nm 1 W Single Spatial Mode Laser – FP3209 from freedomphotonics.

HI-Q 1 MICRON LASER, Ultra-narrow Lorentzian Linewidth less than 80Hz and low phase/frequency noise in a compact form factor in 980 – 1080nm

1000nm Laser are those lasers with the wavelengths from 980nm – 1100nm.

1000nm laser pointes are 980nm laser pointers and 1064nm laser pointer.

The modules are 980nm laser module, and 1064nm IR lasers.