Gaussian laser

Gaussian laser is the laser which produce Gaussian beams. Gaussian laser beams are the lowest-order self-consistent field distribution in optical resonators ( resonator modes) provided that there are no intracavityRead More

Coherence length laser

What is coherence length? Coherence length is the space over which a wave is ‘nicely’ sinusoidal. In other words, it is the space over which we can predict the phaseRead More

Q Switch Laser

Q-switched Laser Technology is innovative technology for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, and other popular aesthetic procedures. Q-switching, sometimes known as giant pulse formation or Q-spoiling, is a technique byRead More

1000nm Laser

When we label a laser to 1000nm laser, in the year of 2022 there are other wavelength lasers, such as 980nm laser, 1064nm laser, there is no exactly 1000nm laserRead More

Fiber Coupled Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes couple the laser light from the laser diode into a optical fiber. Coupling the output of a laser diode into an optical fiberRead More

Laser TTL

TTL laserTTL stands for transistor-transistor-logic and describes a special kind of show laser modulation for laser sources. Laser sources with TTL modulation cannot be dimmed and are only able to turn theRead More

355nm Laser Suppliers

Q-switched and CW laser. Diode pumped or lamp pumped solid state laser (DPSS or LPSS) and fiber laser at 355 nm wavelength from Weißdornweg 8, 48159 Münster, Germany CWRead More

355nm Passive Q-switched Sub Nanosecond Laser

355nm Passive Q-switched Sub Nanosecond Laser This series of products include active Q-switching and passive Q-switching microchip two technical solutions to generate sub nanosecond optical pulses, output sub nanosecond laserRead More

GT1 Laser Power Supply Product Instruction

GT1 Laser Power Supply Product Instruction GT1+11Aisa type of laser-driven power supply composed ofone-channel small constant current driver, a two-channel TEC temperature control and system monitoring functions. The product usesRead More

Picosecond Laser

News for Picosecond Laser Gain-switched laser diode seeded TDFA with 409 W picosecond pulses and 142 W spectrally flat supercontinuum output

Femtosecond Laser

A femtosecond laser is a laser which emits optical pulses with a duration well below 1 ps (→ ultrashort pulses), i.e., in the domain of femtoseconds (1 fs = 10−15Read More

400mW-500mW RGB Laser

I am interested in a continuous wave laser module with two output wavelengths, namely blue  (around 473 nm) and red (around 650-680 nm). The optical power output of the redRead More