532nm Green Laser Diode Module / Green Light Beam with driver for Laser Labs

High Quality Professional 200mW 532nm green Laser Diode Module/ Green Light Beam with driver for Laser Labs

All items are 100% brand new, you can intergrated it into your laser products and applications.



Description OF PRODUCTS:

(1),Standard size, suitable for Laser pen or torch style Laser Pointer;

(2),Add a host, assembly a laser pen;

(3),Driver Reverse protection;

(4),Battery for 18650 or CA123.or Power Adapter;

(5),High-cost high-quality crystal and laser diodes. We don’t sell inferior products.

(6)Our laser products, as normal to to use it correctly, 1 to 2 years without any problems.



Power output:

200mW with 5%

Working Current:

<360mA at 3.0V-4.3V input

Working Temperature:


Electronical Pole:

Copper burl to”+” and Spring  for “-

Storage Temperature:


Lifepan (under normal operation)




Attention OF PRODUCTS:

(1),Please assure to select a stable & suitable power supply;

(2),Please always connect the power to laser in correct electric-pole;

(3),Please keep laser away from any heavy punch or crash or wet/dusty place;

(4),Installation process, you need to wear gloves to prevent static electricity.

warm tips: 

We use high-cost high-quality accessories. We will not sell the poor quality or unstable products . not deceive buyers.

Dear buyers, if you want to buy high-quality lasers, please choose us. Although the price of our laser is higher than other sellers. But you can buy high quality products and satisfied products.