Erbium doped fiber

erbium doped fiber is the fiber doped by the metallic substance erbium. The Erbium doped fiber can be used in Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. erbium doped fiber thorlabs Suppliers: erbium dopedRead More

Lab Cuvette

The cuvettes in laboratory are small vials that may be made from glass, quartz or plastic and used for analysis with a spectrometer, fluorometer or spectrophotometer. The high degree ofRead More

Under Water Welding Laser Welding

Under water welding needs special tools, such as laser welding under water device. You can see that the water has been heated. Because the laser welding machine will produce lotsRead More

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The University of Arizona Virginia Commonwealth University

Hamamatsu Deuterium Lamp L2D2 P/N 0035 Type L6408-01

Deuterium Lamp for UV-VIS Spectrophotometer. Hamamatsu Deuterium Lamp L2D2 P/N 0035 Type L6408-01 Discharge voltage: 75-95 VDischarge current: 300 mADischarge start voltage: 230-350 VAverage life: 500 hours

Comparison between HCSEL, VCSEL and EEL

Comparison between HCSEL, VCSEL and EEL Different from LED light sources, HCSEL laser are horizontal resonance and vertical light-emitting surface of the cavity. It has the advantages of VCSEL inRead More

1534nm Laser

BeamQus Semiconductor Laser 1534nm IR Eye Safe Laser Frequency doubled 𝟣𝟧𝟥𝟦 𝗇𝗆 laser system for potassium laser cooling . DFB Laser Diode, 1534 nm, 3 GHz, 20 mW, Single Mode TheRead More

980nm Laser Modules

BeamQ Focusable 980nm Infrared IR Laser Dot Module 1W Diode LD . Amazon High Power 980nm 1.6W 1600mw Focusable IR Infrared Laser Dot Module 12VDC w/ 2W Diode Laser.

About US

We’re Beamq RPMC Lasers INC Laser diodes, DPSS laser and optics components. Acousto optic modulators for 1064nm 1550nm 2000nm. For 575nm 640nm 1156nm 1388nm and other wavelength . Acousto opticRead More

Electronic bird control

Electronic bird deterrent devices can keep pest birds away from large and small open areas. Shop now to protect your property humanely. Laser Electronic bird control, Laser technology is nowRead More

Laser Bird Deterrent scarer control

There are two types of Laser Bird Deterrent scarers , one is handheld flashlight type, another one is a bigger laser systems mounted on platform. Laser Bird Deterrent scarer alsoRead More

Laser maze near me

This laser maze game picture is from The Castle Fun Center. If you’re searching laser maze near me, you may need a laser maze room escape game for fun. TheRead More


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