Active Shooter Defense System

We are in the process of exploring a concept for an Active Shooter Defense System based upon integrating two existing technologies.  First, the system will use a gunfire detection and location system such as the Boomerang system fielded by Raytheon and BBN.  The second technology component is the use of a Laser dazzler device.
       The concept is fairly simple and straightforward.  Given the gunfire detection and location system can provide a coarse azimuth, elevation, and range to the gunfire source, an area of uncertainty around the shooter’s location can be calculated.  The laser dazzler (under Class 3R in power) with a small beam divergence, can be employed in a nutated and swept spot manner within the area of uncertainty so as to disorient the shooter with the “flash blindness” and “flicker vertigo” effects generated by the laser. In short — If He can’t see, He can’t point and effectively fire His weapon.
        Since most of the human carnage occurs within the first few minutes between when the shooter starts firing until law enforcement arrives, this system is intended to respond in seconds, not minutes.