GT1 Laser Power Supply Product Instruction

GT1 Laser Power Supply Product Instruction

GT1+11Aisa type of laser-driven power supply composed ofone-channel small constant current driver, a two-channel TEC temperature control and system monitoring functions. The product uses a high-speed closed-loop constant LD driver, MCU central control and intelligent PWM thermostat control system to provide efficient and reliable temperature control for the driver and LD laser, suitable for driving a variety of low-power air-cooled solid-state lasers or laser module.


1 channel efficient, high-speed constant-current drive LD.

1 channel PWM bi-TEC driver, heating and cooling.

Accurate PID temperature control

Internal / external control multiple mode selection.

Laser head type with automatic recognition.

Overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, soft start multiple protection.

User interface is simple and easy to operate.

Small size, light weight.

LD maximum drive current : 2A ~ 11A (laser head automatic identification)

LD voltage: 2V adaptive

Modulation: Continuous / analog (external control) / Digital (external control)

The maximum modulation rate : 15kHz(Square wave)

TEC Temperature Range : 16.0~28.0℃

TEC maximum drive voltage: 11V

TEC maximum drive current: 5A

Rated voltage: 90~240V AC

Operating ambient temperature: -10~45℃

Dimensions (L × W × H) : 128mm×144mm×81mm

Total weight :  2.5kg

GT1 Laser Power Supply Product Instruction